Yuko speaks Japanese more often these days huh?

She got the another instagram account, started fckn YouTube channel, and this blog shit.


Yeh man, bc I’ve gotten such an exciting plan;)

I’m going to be off grid and live in a van..!!!

Well, I didn’t expect this opportunity.

I’ve been dreaming of van life. But as you know I don’t even drive a car, so I was thinking to do the van life shit mayb in 2-3years.

Though it’s happening now!!!! 

I’ll do the Van life with the coolest kid, Lee:)

I’m SO excited!!!!!!!!

Let me explain why I started YouTube and shit.

Im not interested in fame or anything. 

I simply just want Japanese peeps to travel and see the world more often. 

In my experience, I’ve traveled abroad since I was a baby, fortunately. Japan is such a wealthy country though more than 30% of people has never gotten out of Japan, it’s crazy isn’t it? But yeh even some of my friends has never been to any other countries. 

My life has changed a lot since I moved to San Diego for studying English. It was 3 years ago. Time flies, man.

Anyway, I wanna show Japanese how awesome traveling is. Also want them to know the different lifestyle, values, culture, and beautiful nature.

I wanna share those shits with busy, tired Japanese peeps.

I’ve watched lotta Van life videos on YouTube, but never seen any Japanese who’s doing the Van life on YouTube. Then I decided to do that shit:) I’d be the first Japanese Van life vlogger!! Boom! 

I have no ideas if does it work or not, but I’ve already posted some videos for JP peeps. That’s why I’ve been speaking Japanese on the videos and Instagram.

I’m not tryna be famous or anything. Just I’m wishing to be the one of inspired person about traveling for Japanese. Well, I’m not gonna lie that tryna make bit of money or support through the fckn sns tho lol

Also It’s kinda bullshit that tryna be the fckn “influencer”, but hoping y’all feel me lol

We haven’t decided lotta things yet though we def will van-life in NZ soon.

I’ve been such a spoiled girl. I used to hate outdoor and the nature. Duh I’m a Tokyo girl;)

So, being grid off or hippie style would be the challenge for me. I will def miss the convenient life though I’m thrilled and fckn excited bout the new life style. 

It’s not gonna be easy at all, definitely tough and hard, but I can tell it’s gonna be amazing experience in my life.

You live only once bro;)

Can’t wait, someday, I’ll tell my van life story to my future kids, how cool is that;)

Yeh so I’ll keep going, y’all.

I’ve been in NZ almost 3 months so far tho haven’t traveled much yet. I’m waiting for it!

As soon as Lee arrives, we’ll buy the van and do this shit:)

New Zealand is such a beautiful country. So many places to see and much things to do!!!! I’m sure we’ll fckn enjoy and love it!!!

The plan may sound bit crazy, but I mean, why not?

Btw I fckn appreciate Lee. It wouldn’t have happened without him. And I’m glad I’ll do the van life with that dude:)

Anyway, Thanks for reading this fckn blog :p

I won’t stop posting “such an influencer  pics” tho hope y’all don’t mind xo


Dreaming of the Van life with the stud.
Wonderlust, You only live once:)